Human Rights in the 21st Century


20. 4. 2021

Podcast Episode 4:

Barbara Nolan
Barbara Nolan – Head of Unit Fundamental Rights Policy, European Commission

Barbara Nolan is DG for Justice and Consumers Head of Fundamental Rights Policy. She talks about Covid-19 and areas of fundamental rights that took the hardest hit, explains the focuses of a new Strategy to strengthen the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights in the EU and identifies main challenges of protecting fundamental rights, which, she agrees, can not be taken for granted.

17. 4. 2021

Podcast Episode 3:

Peter Svetina
Peter Svetina – Human Rights Ombudsman, Republic of Slovenia

Peter Svetina is Slovenia’s human rights ombudsman. Sharing with us the understanding and respect for human rights as one of the EU’s fundamental building blocks, he also explains in more detail the situation of senior citizens in Slovenia during the Covid-19 crisis, what complaints they have encountered and how they have been dealt with. We are also talking about artificial intelligence and its impact on human rights, as well as future challenges.

26. 1. 2021

Podcast Episode 2:

Debbie Kohner
Debbie Kohner – Secretary General of European Network of National Human Rights Institutions

Debbie Kohner talks about the mission of ENNHRI, the impact Covid-19 has on the state of human rights and their efforts to deal with various challenges associated with it.

30. 11. 2020

Podcast Episode 1:

Hans van Baalen

Hans van Baalen – President of Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE)

Debate about the state of human rights today. What is ALDEs response to illiberal agendas during Covid-19 crisis? How to deal with populism and his reaction to US election results.